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Wolf Behavior and Pack Life

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Wolf Behavior and Pack Life Empty Wolf Behavior and Pack Life

Post by Hannibal on Tue Oct 29, 2013 8:01 pm

Most of you are probably mentally screaming at me for posting this instead of joining the roleplay but I find this knowledge of high importance

The Topic of wolf behavior...

If you have done any research on wolves, you'll know they are tight nit, and highly organized. Ranking from alpha to omega, wolves all have a job and duty. As much as you want to believe wolves are loving of each other, this can be the exact opposite. Wolves are hostile, and aggressive towards each other and their enemies. In a wolf pack, the alpha eats first, followed by the beta, delta and the others, one at a time, the Omega eats last.

Clear as a fact, you all should know that the "Alpha Pair" are the pack "leaders" the Beta Pair is the second in command, and Delta Pair are basically Beta's in training, third ranking to the Alpha Pair. In a pack, usually only the Alpha pair mate and have pups, with some acceptation of other wolves, but when another wolf has a litter they are usually outcast pups and treated more poorly, but nonetheless higher ranking than the Omegas.

Spite what people what to believe, wolves do not appoint ranks, ranks are achieved by fighting one another in battle to prove he or she is better than the other, the winner gets the rank he was fighting for, and the previous wolf moves a place down. But there is more to it, an Alpha can chose his beta but cannot stop a rank fight, every wolf knows his place.

Now to the point of Omega, unlike some fiction book series, Omegas are not the wolves who break up fights! Omegas are the lowest members of the pack, they eat last, are usually confined to the pack residing place and generally sleep by themselves. Omegas are in their rank for a reason, usually disobeying a unwritten pack law, it is the most severe punishment, if not exile or death. Omegas also dont take part in hunts.

Yes wolves care for each other, and no, they rarely accept outsiders into their hierarchy, whatever some people believe, wolves actually are very skittish thus causing their biting and snapping and overall aggression and hostility is their fear. Anger does play a part, but in packs it is rare for pack mates to kill each other, though deaths of "traitors"  is known to happen. On some occasions wolves will grow to accept a outsider into the family, though this wolf rarely progresses from a rank or two above the omega.

I am not claiming all of this to be true, this is just what I've gained through research, reading and personal experiences with wolves, [wolves in animal safaris not zoos, the wolves I've seen are by no means tamed animals]  

Feel free to correct some of my information, but please do so in a kind manner, if i find false information I will try to remember to change this . Those of you wanting me to roleplay, I should be able to by next week!

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Wolf Behavior and Pack Life Empty Re: Wolf Behavior and Pack Life

Post by Eclipse on Tue Oct 29, 2013 9:40 pm

Holy cow you just wrote an essay instead of rping lol that could be like 8 posts hahah. Jk but thanks for the info gladly appreciated Smile

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Wolf Behavior and Pack Life Empty Re: Wolf Behavior and Pack Life

Post by Winnstone on Thu Nov 07, 2013 8:53 am

Outsiders are more likely to be hostile towards a pack, but the relations are, as you said 'rarely'. Two different relations of any behavior from the rival pack, which not come more likely, to know they are the outsiders.

Omegas, have been called that way because, at least dominant of the ranking order.. But, their job for the pack is to help other members from stress, or moods. They are jesters of the pack to influence the moods.

Delta, is the middle of the ranking order, but they have different roles for the pack. In this way they can be hunters, watchers, etc.. As you see delta is a different rank from the others (Hunter, Watcher, Medic,Warrior and etc.. )
But they aren't...  Called from delta is any kind of role in the single rank.. Kids have put their own ranks not, in the delta coincided to be (Hunters, etc..) or any kind from an separation.

One of the ranking order, of it's kind is the greatest to have in packs but influence the peace.. They are the peacemakers of keeping the pack more stabled.

Beta's are known as second-in-command, they are under training of the Alpha to have a sign of another leader. And pup sitters takes care of the pups when the alpha's are out hunting.

Alpha, is the dominant rank of a "leader" with a female, called "mate's alpha" or Pair. But, alpha male dominants the males column only and the alpha female have the dominant to the female column.
Not only for the leaders of have more dominant before all else.. Its about personality more accurate to the pack's hierarchy than, the real thing. Dominance, have to be in placed, of the personality of the male alpha. Mostly the dominance, put the members of the alpha's position, in line towards the dominance of the members and personality's.

Any question's about my information come to Winstone (Me) or Phrike for questions. Thanks!

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Wolf Behavior and Pack Life Empty Re: Wolf Behavior and Pack Life

Post by Sponsored content

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