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Ranks and Levels

Post by Phantom on Tue Jun 24, 2014 3:53 pm

Welcome Everyone! To our "Ranks and Levels" here you can earn ranks and I am going to tell you how, first off you may notice the new bar on your profile well that signifies your Rank Levels, as you can see there are different levels for each rank. In order to fill the bars 100% is based on how often you are on and how much you post, which will result in the bar to move and for full bars you get you can spend it here to earn a new rank. When you spend your points please be sure to post below what rank you want to buy and we will post you back on your purchase, hope you all enjoy the new point system if you have any questions post down below or PM me, Thanks! Very Happy


Beginner- 1 full bar
Nurse- 2 full bars
Adept- 3 full bars
Doctor- 4 full bars
Expert- 6 full bars
Master- 8 and help 7 severely injured wolves.


Rookie- 1 Full Bar
Trainee- 2 Full Bars
Adept- 3 Full Bars
Fighter- 4 Full Bars
Expert- 6 Full Bars
Master- 8 Full Bars and fight in 4 battles.


Trainer- 1 Full Bar
Novice-  2 Full Bars
Adept- 3 Full Bars
Strategist- 4 Full Bars
Expert- 5 Full Bars
Master- 7 Full Bars and train up 3 Apprentices.


Rookie- 1 Full Bar
Novice- 2 Full Bars
Spotter- 3 Full Bars
Adept- 4 Full Bars
Expert- 5 Full Bars
Master- 8 Full Bars and spot enemies 5 times.


Beginner- 1 Full Bar
Novice- 2 Full Bars
Huntsman- 3 Full Bars
Adept- 4 Full Bars
Expert- 5 Full Bars
Master- 8 Full Bars and kills 5 Bull Elk with pack.


Trainee- 1 Full Bar
Rookie- 2 Full Bars
Learner- 3 Full Bars
Older Pup- 6 Full Bars and is approved by the Leader to move on to another rank.

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