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Post by Phantom on Mon Feb 02, 2015 4:24 pm

The Alpha Rank is of course one of the most important ranks in the whole pack, he or she leads the pack fearlessly and tends to any matter needing to be dealt with. There can only be one or two Alpha's if it is a male he will sooner or later find a mate and the female will then become the Alpha Female, if the Alpha is already a female she may chose as for any wolf of the pack to have a mate or not. The Alpha usually leads with cunning and wisdom in battle making sure that all wolves are taking care of before thereself, this is what make's a good Alpha, making sure that all is well in the pack including many things like food supply, other wolves, predators, and the well being of the pack. Never underestimate the Alpha's, for they are a smart and brave rank of wolves, some even fearless in the eyes of danger.

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