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Post by Phantom on Mon Feb 02, 2015 5:08 pm

The Medic's have a very important job, although it is not a High Rank it still is highly important... they're job is to save wolves lives who have been wounded in battle our in fights to protect the pack. These wolves are very smart and know what is best when it comes to healing and plants. They use very many plants, trees, and herbs to help heal any wolves in the pack who have been hurt. The Medics know most sicknesses and how to cure them along with curing many wounds. Without the help of Medic's there would not be a pack or a healthy home, as they help cure wolves and sickness in our home, that is why the Medic Wolves are very vital to the pack and should not be scoffed at from the thought of them just doing medicine for most of them have mastered the arts of medicine and herbs through their long years of helping sick and wounded wolves.

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